~ Psychic to the Stars as well as the Moon {smile} ~ Paranormal Researcher ~ Orbs
~ Indigo Kids & Crystal & Star-Seed Kidz ~ ~ Pet Whisperer ~ Author ~ Energy Dancer ~

"Raven De La Croix is a unique Spiritual Visionary who radiates Light & Love ~ Comfort & Trust to all who meet her. Her career spans a broad and diverse range of disciplines, all of which have been integrated into her activities to further enlighten and ennoble the Human & Animal Spirit.

Raven is an Intuitive Communicator & Consulting Synergist whose native & Univerity-accredited ability weaves us all together in the "re-membering" of who we really are ... working with all age groups custom designed for YOU*

Instructing Inspiring self-empowering techniques utilized to assist others."


I meet you on YOUR "intersection of thought"... in your life... where you have your attention... and together you and I see it and you can then clearly navigate onward to your next destination experience, joyously.

I do not need any psychic tools to assist you, yet I am able to use all the tools to reinforce your knowingness upon request. My Method: LISTENING ~ DIALOGUE ~ ENERGY EMANATION (whether present or distant). You participate in the process of moving yourself from where you are in life to where you want to be! I am an Intuitive and Conscious Channel (no other entity), just my higher self ~ dimensionally connected.

I have been conscious in the Psychic Realm since a child, always learning from those I assist. It is a dual process. I do not do typical fortune telling as I have found that when you change your mind, you change your life in the direction of your thoughts and what you give your attention to.

  • Career and Life Path Manifestation
    • Business Consulting & the ABCs of "How To" manifest your goals.
    • Art of changing your life in the middle of distraction & taking that magic carpet ride to your hearts direction.
  • Assistance with Life-Death Transitions (for those leaving & those they leave behind)
  • Communication with your Loved Ones that have Passed
  • Soul-ution Resolutions
    • Education and linear references to balance
  • DNA Activation & Self Actualization
  • Heart Opening; Sonic Attunement
  • Angel Messages ~ Affirmations
  • Grief and Guilt Relief
  • UFO ~ Abduction ~ Experiencer? Experienced professional facilitating de-stimulation; integration, education for Self Healing & Actualization.
  • Love and Relationships

*** Work Shops, Tele-Seminars &  E-mail Courses on  'How to' Develop these Skills for Yourself! ***

I specialize in Communicating with FurKidz & Creatures
of all kind

  • How to 'hear' your pet and enhance your connection through better understanding
  • I communicate with your pet and show you how you can too ~ whether in body or after they leave their body
  • Understanding how to "Call your Pets to you" in another body and how to consciously observe and interact so YOU know it is real. They do this automatically by the way ~ becoming aware of it and experiencing the reality of it is JOYOUS (for them and you)!
  •  Energy therapy, massage and healing
  • Spiritual Minister for Pets - Assist to the Rainbow Bridge
  •  Pet Loss Grief Support

WorkShops, Tele-Seminars &  E-mail Courses on: "How to" Develop these Skills for Yourself!

* Upcoming "Rainbow Bridge" report & author of: "Beyond the Rainbow Bridge and Back to Me"

UFO Experiencer or Curious about Paranormal Affairs?
Confidentiality Guaranteed!

Experienced Facilitator - Private & small group sessions for: Destimulation; Integration, Education and Self Healing. Member of MUFON 15 years.

I am a qualified consultant/healer for contactees', experiencers, abductee's, & specialize in children of all ages. This includes handling & integration of the traumatic incidents transforming into feelings of well being, as well as the acknowledgment and integration of the loving Ascension incidents.

I also have had over 18 years experience in the UFO & Paranormal fields and have assisted an uncanny ongoing number of beings and creatures. I have a few intriguing upcoming books on these experiences ~~ and findings that finally make more sense on hidden agendas. Due to that exposure, education and experience I have been blessed with the joy of invoking balance; infusing more love; inspiring exquisite healing sensuality within the being ~ as such is the nature of our authentic soul selves.

INDIGO CHILDREN {by any name}

  • I have several creative and highly intuitive programs for Indigos in this pivotal timing.
  • Materials for Orientation to the Indigo Universe for Child and Parent.
  • Integration of attributes and plan for conscious expansion.
  • Counseling and healing for children who are not aligned with their natural selves and would like to awaken to their highest authentic selves.
  • Alignment and application of Intuitive skills.
  • Sound and Sacred Movement healing classes for all ages.

It takes a Village ~ Start with a Plan
It is my joy to be of assistance to herald in the children of our future
by reminding them of who they really are!


    ~ "RAVEN's HAVEN" ~ a Safe Place to Explore Consciousness! ~ in the COSMIC PORTAL RETREAT or on the Land Tour! Conveniently Located In West Sedona ~
    Call for Directions ~ 928-554-4420

    • I will personally guide you on a VORTEX TOUR complete with Self-Activation.
    • Vortexes are swirling centers of subtle energy coming out from the surface of the earth. There are four main energy vortexes, and hundreds of small ones, in Sedona. The subtle energy that exists at these locations resonates with and strengthens the Inner Being of each person that comes within their influence. It is an uplifting experience for which people come from all over the world.

    • The night sky of Sedona is breathtaking. Experience vivid stars, free of light pollution.
    • Meditations, Sightings; High Power Telescope

    • Ordained Minister
    • Weddings, Committment Ceremonies, Blessings, Vow Renewals, Baptisms



  • TAROT ~ It is amazing to witness the accuracy and synchronicity that occurs when a person is 'asking' and the physical universe presents an affirmation as evidenced by the selection of the card. Very positive and reinforcing.
  • PALMISTRY ~ See the pathways of your life and your aspects via Palmistry.
  • CRYSTAL BALL READINGS ~ Crystal Gazing is the ancient Art of Seeing or Scrying, which is an intuitive practice that involves perceiving things paranormally.
  • PENDULUM ~ One's energy moves the pendulum to answer questions ~ as you change your mind... you change your life!
  • CARTOMANCY ~ I use playing cards exactly like Tarot, and have been utilizing them in this manner since childhood. Tarot is pictorial, while playing cards are numerical, giving clearly defined and accurate impressions.
  • DREAM INTERPRETATION ~ Whether precognitive, or revealing the stresses of one's day, dreams often reveal our innermost hopes and fears. I will assist you in interpreting the messages you intuit.
  • TASSEOGRAPHY or TEA LEAF READING ~ 'Tasse' in French means 'cup', and the ancient Greek root of 'ography' means 'writing or drawing'. Therefore, Tasseography translates into 'pictures formed in the cup'. When drinking from the cup or holding it with intention, the person receiving the reading deposits their own vibration or a trace of their aura in the leaves, creating pictures, also known as psychometry.
  • SACRED GATEWAY ENERGY HEALING MASSAGE ~ More than a massage - a spiritual and physical Chakra alignment. A safe, loving, hands-on, heart opening experience.
  • PET WHISPERER ~ Author of the upcoming book, "Beyond the Rainbow Bridge and Back to Me". I had the blessing of having a kennel-free facility for all breeds of animals on 2 acres of land in Colorado, which expanded my life-long ability to communicate with many different species of creatures.

~*~ Readings are guaranteed absolutely confidential. I am also an experienced professional
therapist and consider myself bound by the Therapist/Counselor's Code of Ethics.
*Signed "confidentiality agreements" are available upon request. ~*~


~ "HARMONIK ~ Mmmm Project" ~
Global Peace FlashMob and Documentary Video!
Sessions transferable! ~ {as GIFT etc ~}


Enjoy the convenience of a Telephone Reading
from the comfort of your own home!
One Hour: $88.00

* Distance doesn't matter! There is no real distance in the Hologram of life.
Raven has many local, long-distance and international clients
who choose this consultation method.

* Click button at right to purchase this service.

In the note section provided at checkout, or via separate E-mail, please provide
the following required information:



* You've experienced Raven's E-mail reading and you want MORE?

* One hour on the phone with Raven wasn't enough?

* Click button at right to purchase an additional hour on the phone
with Raven at this discounted price!


Free intro!


$1.00 per minute!

Gratuities gratefully accepted.

Ask about payments, exchanges and trades for special financial situations.

In-Person Readings with
Raven De La Croix
"A Safe Place to Explore Consciousness"

West Sedona, AZ 86336
< Call for Address & Directions >

928-202-5566 ~ Cell

*** Special Package & Group Rates Available! ***

Enjoy your reading in my cozy studio!





Partial List of Celebrity Clients:

Terri Hatcher, Elizabeth Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Scott Bakula, Pamela Anderson, Pierce Brosnan, Connie Stevens, Jolie Fisher, Pia Zadora ...

Partial List of Corporate Clients:

KCET TV, Spagos Hollywood, Nickelodeon, King World Entertainment, Lorimar, Turner Broadcasting, May Company, Sony Pictures, Sprint, PacBell, Whole Foods, Nordstrom's, Broadway, Bloomingdale's, Bakula Productions, Universal Pictures, Discovery Channel, Los Angeles Lakers, Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, Long Beach Grand Prix, Santa Monica Flying Museum, In Style Magazine, In Style TV, Sharon Sacks Productions, King Dahl, Trizechahn, Ritz Carlton, Beverly Hills Hotel, The Sofitel Hotel, Gene Autry Museum ...

Available for Private Readings, Sonic Gateway Experiences, Parties, Birthdays, Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Special and Corporate Events, Film, Television, Radio and Seminars.


EMAIL: Raven@RavensCosmicPortal.com

P.O. Box 4792
Sedona, AZ 86340

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